Keyboard handling (2)
Sun 18th February 2024   

Arrows and space bar are sufficient for most games, but sometimes you need to access the complete keyboard.

In this article we expand on the earlier project by adding support for the entire keyboard while keeping the possibility to check multiple simultaneous key-presses.

Sat 2nd January 2021   
Many of the 80ies micro computers had dedicated connectors for joystick controllers, but unfortunately the Oric were not one of these.

As a result, joystick interfaces appeared on the market as accessories you could buy, but unfortunately they had all to be programmed differently, and as a result most games don't support any joystick interface, or only some very specific models.

  Keyboard handling (1)
Sat 22nd August 2020   

When people decide to make a game on the Oric, on of the first issue they stumble upon is how to deal with keyboard input.

There are many different ways, some are simple but only allow to check for one key at a time, while some other allow to test for multiple key presses.

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