Thu 17th September 2015   
If there is one thing that can make a game look like it was professionally produced, it's definitely using a different character set than the one provided by the system.

Let's take a look at some existing games to show what I mean.

  Preprocessor abuses
Sat 15th August 2015   
Here comes the first article about tips and tricks that can be used to make your Oric development easier and faster.

Choosing an assembler

Originally the Oric C development kit was using FRASM to assemble the 6502 code generated by the C compiler front-end.

One of the first changes we did when starting the OSDK was to use instead a real 6502 macro-assembler with an extended set of features, and ultimately we choose XA because it supported most of the C compiler preprocessor directives.

  Let's make noise
Sat 28th February 2015   

This article was first published in the CEOMag 296.

Our beloved Oric computer is equipped with a sound generator compatible with the one found on the Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, MSX and some models of Sinclair Spectrum, so theoretically there’s no real reason why most of the earlier Oric games had no music at all or perhaps just a game over tune.

Fri 27th February 2015

While doing some maintenance on the Defence Force infrastructure, I realized that the domain name was now available.

Few minutes later it was registered, and a couple of hours later there was working DNS and redirect information.

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