To access Oricutron's debugger you need to press the F2 key. This will show you this screen:

In the monitor, number arguments are decimal by default, or prefixed with $ for hex or % for binary. Pretty much everything is output in hex.

In most places where you can enter a number or address, you can pass a CPU or VIA register. (VIA registers are prefixed with V, e.g. VDDRA). Anywhere you can pass an address, you can also use a symbol.


To use Oricutron's debugger, you need to know some keys:

  • F2: Return to the emulator
  • F3: Toggle console/debug output/memwatch
  • F4: Toggle VIA/AY information
  • F9: Reset cycle count
  • F10: Step over code
  • F11: Step over code without tracing into subroutines.
  • F12: Skip instruction
Advanced features

You also have some more advanced commands:

  • ? - Help
  • a - Assemble
  • bc - Clear breakpoint
  • bcm - Clear mem breakpoint
  • bl - List breakpoints
  • blm - List mem breakpoints
  • bs - Set breakpoint
  • bsm [rwc] - Set mem breakpoint
  • bz - Zap breakpoints
  • bzm - Zap mem breakpoints
  • d - Disassemble
  • df - Disassemble to file
  • m - Dump memory
  • mm - Modify memory
  • mw - Memory watch at addr
  • nl - Load snapshot
  • ns - Save snapshot
  • r - Set to
  • q, x or qm - Quit monitor
  • qe - Quit emulator
  • sa - Add or move user symbol
  • sk - Kill user symbol
  • sc - Symbols not case-sensitive
  • sC - Symbols case-sensitive
  • sl - Load user symbols
  • sx - Export user symbols
  • sz - Zap user symbols
  • wm - Write mem to disk

Known issues

Reported by NekoNoNiaow the Fri 29th March 2019

Issue #34: Tap file that crash on first load but not on second:
Details: This does not happen for all program files but sometimes Oricutron will not properly execute a loaded .tap file and instead display the Monitor window showing the PC stuck at address $24D. When using the monitor to examine disassembled memory, the code is correctly present at address $600.

When that happens, issuing a RESET from Oricutron and typing manually CLOAD"" and re-inserting the proper .tap file is enough for the program to run normally.
For some reason, the first run always fail as described above but after a reset everything works as expected.

As noted, this happens only for one of my program, a 23,370 bytes long .tap file.
I can provide that .tap file and associated symbols file if needed.

Resolved issues

Reported by LeWurmling the Fri 1st September 2017
Fixed in OSDK 1.12

Issue #20: Oricutron fails to start
Details: If the project is not located on the same drive as the OSDK; Oricutron will fail to launch because osdk_oricutron.bat does not point it to the right location. Using START /d "%OSDK%\Oricutron" %OSDKORICUTRON% instead fixes it.

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Coverity Scan Build Status
Version 1.2 (01-Nov-2014)
  • Fixed memory access breakpoints which were broken in (at least) v1.1.
  • Added snapshot files to the filetype autodetection
  • Added a virtual on-screen keyboard, and the ability to remap keys (torguet)
  • Fixed autobooting of Jasmin disks (christian)
  • ACIA 6551 serial port emulation, including a virtual modem which lets you connect over TCP/IP (iss)
  • Fixed a bug in the V flag emulation for SBC/ADC (christian)
  • Detects invalid .tap images (encoded length larger than tape image length)
  • Added copy to clipboard (iss)
Version 1.1 (07-Dec-2013)
  • Now possible to set scanline and fullscreen options when built without OpenGL support
  • Includes patches and symbols for Pravetz 8D rom
  • Disk and tape image autodetection. Oricutron will now attempt to detect the configuration required for any disk or tape inserted via commandline or menu.
  • 'Insert disk 0/1' menu items enabled even when no disk drive is enabled. Inserting a disk will use the autodetection routines to determine which drive type to enable.
  • Autorun for Jasmin and Pravetz disks
  • Fixed crash bug when switching between software and GL rendering on builds using SDL requesters.
  • Various AY emulation improvements
  • Simplified system timing
  • Clipboard paste support
Version 1.0 (22-Oct-2013)
  • Pravetz Dos-8D disk support (iss)
  • Better Pravetz emulation (iss)
  • Telestrat now basically working
  • Fixed some rendering issues in the debugger
  • Now defaults to no joystick instead of IJK
  • Some minor fixes in the joystick code
  • Support for .ort files from commandline (stefan h)
  • Commandline options for turbotape, lightpen and scanlines
  • On windows, error messages now pop up in a message box
  • Textattrs are now properly reset at the start of each line again
  • Better telestrat VIA display in the debugger (stefan h)
  • Fixed backslash key (stefan h)
  • Various improvements to the build system (stefan h/revolf/iss)
  • 8-bit display mode for low-end systems
  • Various optimisations