8 bit processor created by the Western Digital Center. It can be found into the Oric computers, but was also present in various versions in the Acord BBC, Commodore VIC 20 and C64, Atari 8 bits, Apple 2 computers, and Nec PC Engine. A 16bit version, called 65816 was also created, and is present in the Super Nintendo.
See also: The 6502 instruction set

See "Versatile Interface Adapter"

Tool used to convert an assembly language source code in an executable binary file.
See also: The OSDK Assembler

Assembly code
The language used to control the microprocessor.
See also: The 6502 instruction set

Tool used to translate a high level language source code in something understandable by the microprocessor (ie: Assembly code).
See also: The OSDK Compiler

DOSBox is an open source project that makes it possible to run old DOS applications on otherwise non compatible operating systems. Using DOSBox it is possible to run a program like Euphoric that has a very strong dependency with a particular system, on a system like recent versions of Windows, Linux or MacOS.
See also: DOSBox official website

The oldest Oric emulator, still developped but getting harder to use on new hardware and software without clutches like DosBox.
See also: Euphoric emulator

An application able to replicate programmatically the behavior of some hardware. Used for simulation of hardware devices during the design phase, in our case allows us to simulate an Oric machine on a PC.
See also: The Oricutron emulator, Euphoric emulator

Microtan 65
The ancestor of the Oric. Advanced versions had an hexadecimal keypad to enter commands, and very few memory.

In order to be easy to remember, each instruction of the processor is identified by a short symbolic name that describe what the instruction is doing. For example, TYA means Transfert the Y register content in the A register.
See also: The 6502 instruction set

Each instruction known from the microprocessor is identified by a particular number: The "operand code"
See also: The 6502 instruction set

The most recent Oric emulator. Developped from scratch in C and using SDL it has been ported to numerous platforms from PC to Amiga, from Linux to Android
See also: The Oricutron emulator

Pravetz 8D
Pravez is a Bulgarian company which made clones of western computers in the eighties. The Pravetz 8D is a clone of the Oric Atmos.

Tool that can manage simple text replacement task in order to transform a text file in something usable by another tool (compiler, assembler, ...)

The Telestrat is the last model of the Oric family. It provide a serial interface, two joystick port, and integrated floppy disc controlleur, ROM cartridges slots, a second VIA and banked memory.

Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA)
A dedicated chip designed to complete 6502 based system, that provided advanted input and output capabilities, timers, and interrupt driving. On the Oric, it is responsible for handling the sound processor and printer port.

Western Digital Center
WDC is the company that designed the 6502 processor.

Wine is an open source project that makes it possible to run windows applications on Linux. Use Wine it is possible to run the OSDK on Linux despite the fact that the OSDK is a Windows based set of programs.
See also: Wine official website, Installing the OSDK under Linux

The main challenger of the 6502, this processor was produced by Zilog.

The name of the cross assembler provided in the OSDK.

Known issues

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