Known issues

Code generation problems

Even if it has been seriously tested, unfortunately some bugs remains in the code generator, so it's possible to have code that will not compile at all, or code that will compile but crash :(

In this eventuality, all you can do is to send us the faulty code in order to allows us to correct the OSDK.

C Code performance

Let's face it, the C compiler is crappy. But you should know that it is a lot better than some others ! There are professional C compilers for embeded computing, that generate high quality code, but unfortunately they are very, very, very expensive, do you really wish to pay $3600 to develop in C on the Oric ???

Compatibility with other Oric models

Code that does not rely on the ROM calls should work correctly on all Oric models. If the code uses the OSDK library, you can bet it will work only on the ATMOS because most functions are calling the ROM to perform simple tasks like outputing a character to screen or reading the keyboard. Since floating point values support is done using Basic routines, the problem is the same.

WriteDSK and Windows 2000

Due to its nature, WriteDsk needs low level access to the floppy disk controler. Unfortunately this is not working under windows 2000. Even using VmWare or VirtualPC will note solve the problem. The only solution is to create a bootable dos floppy, put the DSK file and WriteDsk, and hoping it will work fine.

Windows 7 and Vista

The OSDK still contains some old dos applications (mostly tap2cd, tap2dsk, ...). Unfortunately Windows7 and Vista have dropped the DOS compatibility layer. Until these applications get rebuild for Windows they will not run except by using something like DosBox. TapTool and DskTool are new replacements that can be used instead.

Problems running Euphoric

It has been reported that if you install the OSDK in a path that contains the word DEV (like D:mul\oric\dev\osdk) Euphoric will keep complaining about not finding "message.txt" in his directory. Just avoid doing that :)

Known issues

No known problem - please signal any issue on the Cross development tools forum.

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